16 Hour Illinois Concealed Carry Class
What you will need for class

  1. Identification:Your FOID card and Illinois driver’s license.

  2. Firearm: A modern concealable semi-automatic or revolver handgun. (.22, 380, 9mm, 40 s&w, 38spl or 45acp, are acceptable) PLEASE NO 44 SPL / MAGNUMS OR HIGHER

  3. Firearm Owner’s Manual:If you do not have the manual you can print them on line from the manufacture’s website.

  4. Magazine: 1-Extra magazine or speed loader for your hand gun if you have one.

  5. Ammo: The correct caliber target (full metal jacket) factory loaded ammunition. Factory remanufactured is acceptable. NO HAND-MADE RE-LOADS

  6. Ammo: 100 Rounds of the correct caliber ammunition for your gun. You will most likely not need them all.

  7. Holster: An inside the waistband leather, nylon or kydex style holster NO Collapsible Holsters. You may bring an outside belt holster leather, nylon or kydex, but you MUST have a jacket or shooting style vest to conceal the holster. Again NO Collapsible Holsters.

  8. Safety: Shooting or safety glasses and ear muffs, ear plugs will not be allowed unless used with muffs. If you do not have safety gear we will have some for sale at class time.

  9. Cleaning Kit: A handgun cleaning kit consisting of, 1-brass brush, 1-gun solvent, 1-gun oil, 1-brass rod w/handle, 1-jag and cotton patches for the correct caliber of your gun. You will also need a cotton cloth. Field stripping and cleaning your firearm is required by Illinois as part of the curriculum. We are here to take you step by step through the process. We have a certified gun smith on staff.

  10. Firearm: A range bag or pistol case for your firearm. You must still transport your firearms enclosed in a case and unloaded until you receive your permit.

  11. Attire: Comfortable closed toe shoes or boots. T-shirt with sleeves, no tank tops or muscle shirts. You will need long pants. No shorts. A Baseball style hat.

Please do not bring firearms until your range date

Make sure all of your magazines are empty.

NO LIVE AMMUNITION is allowed in the classroom.

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